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    Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier 50.00

    Ado Glo Food Feeder allows babies to taste solid food at an earlier age. Help them get a head start on incorporating important vitamins and minerals into their diet. With our baby food feeder, little ones can easily and safely enjoy a variety of food, minimize choking hazards, encourage self-feeding. Our baby feeders – all available in small-middle-large sizes, always as a friend accompanying the baby grow up.

    User Manual
    1. Always use products with adult supervision;
    2. Before each use, check the silicone nipple, if cracked or damaged, please replace the new products;
    3. Clean with boiling water before using the products;
    4. Cut the food you want into strips or slices small enough to fit into the silicone nipple;
    5. Open the silicone filter, put the strips or slices in the filter;
    6. Make sure the Food Feeder is locked before the baby can enjoy the food;
    7. It should be thoroughly cleaned at the end of use, fully drained and placed in a clean dry place.

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    Infant and Baby Sling 90.00

    Lightweight, Natural and Breathable Baby Carrier Sling for Infants and Babies

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  • On the Goldbug 2-in-1 Safety Harness Buddy Bunny 75.00

    On the Goldbug 2-in-1 Harness Buddy is the perfect combination of fun and function. Our adorable animal harness helps keep your child safe and close, while still allowing them to explore. It features adjustable straps, storage pocket and a removable tether.

    On the Goldbug 2-in-1 Saftey Harness Buddy, Bunny:

    Tether helps keep your child close
    Adjustable harness
    Two chest buckles for a secure fit
    Small pocket for special toys
    Removable tether for a fun backpack

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    SafeFit Backseat and Stroller Organizer 50.00

    This handy organizer has a place for everything from cups and water bottles to books and toys to diapers and wipes. Easily use in the car, where you can also protect your seat backs from scuffs. Or toss it on your stroller when you need some extra storage on fun outings. That’s just how smart moms roll.

    SafeFit Backseat and Stroller Organizer:

    Stores and organizes on-the-go essentials
    Works in car or on stroller
    Protects seat backs
    Universal system fits most vehicle seat backs and strollers
    Durable and easy to clean

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    The Kid's N' Such Car Seat Canopy 60.00

    Each Carseat Cover provides umbrella-like protection against:
    -Nosy strangers
    -Sunshine or bright lights
    -Mild wind
    -Airborne substances like dirt, sand, and dust

    Unlike other carrier covers, the Kids N’ Such Carrier Cover comes with a Peekaboo Opening that adds additional safety, comfort, and convenience to the traditional canopy design.

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